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bowel group for kids

Our team

Julie Cowdery
President, Corporate Sponsorship and Conference Convenor

I have the very rewarding task of being the president for the organization. My background has always been in Education and I have been working in the corporate sector as a Learning and Development manager for many years with responsibilities at an International and National level. It has been a wonderful experience being involved actively with the Bowel Group for Kids as I am constantly learning and gaining so much from the experience.

Eunice Gribbin
Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary

My interest in the association began many years ago due to a lack of information and support offered to families who had a child born with a severe bowel condition, such as Hirschsprung's disease or Imperforate anus.
I enjoy the opportunity to learn and being part of the association has allowed me to expand my knowledge in this area. I also treasure the many friends we have made since the association began.

Currently my work involves two roles; one being tutoring medical students at the School of Medicine, and the other clinical facilitator for Nursing students. In 2010, I began my research PhD at the School of Medicine at the Australian National University in Canberra, which has evolved from my experience within the BGK. The focus of my research is on "The long term follow-up of Hirschsprung's disease and the involvement of support groups". My aim is to prove the importance of support groups and develop a framework, which will see support groups become a vital member of the treating team.

Professor David Croaker
Medical Advisory Board,  - Paediatric surgeon The Children's Hospital Canberra

Duncan Armstrong

Duncan is highly qualified to advocate for us. He was born with Hirschsprung's disease so can speak from a personal and more recently a parental perspective following the birth of his fourth child who was also born with Hirschsprung's disease.

Olympian, sports presenter, public speaker - Duncan is all these things and more. Duncan approaches everything with the same zestful attitude - the very one that helped him win gold at the Seoul Olympics... and more recently inspires parents and their children to achieve their highest personal and health goals.

State Coordinators

Adele Sutton
State Coordinator for New South Wales

"I live in Sydney with my partner Josh and children Alex and Seb. I've been a member of BGK since 2015 when my son was diagnosed with total colonic Hirschsprungs. Every day brings new joys and challenges but we have met a wonderful community of people and professionals through BGK."

Michelle Cutler
State Coordinator for New South Wales

"I have been a member of BGK since 2015 and am grateful for the depth of information and support that this group offers. The ability to connect with other parents facing similar issues and challenges is invaluable and I am very happy to be able to assist such a worthwhile organisation."

Lisa and Graeme Hogan
State Coordinators for Queensland

"Hi! We are Lisa and Graeme Hogan and we have been members of the BGK since 2001 when we had our son, Corey. We are always willing to share our experience and provide information to new members."

Stefania Little
State Coordinator for Western Australia

"My name is Stefania Little, I am the Representative for Bowel Group For Kids for Western Australia. 

I am a Hirschsprung’s Warrior and have a strong passion for advocacy for Hirschsprung’s Disease. I also have a little girl with Hirschsprung’s Disease. 

Happy to chat to anyone who needs advice or just someone to talk to! "

  • SA - Jake Bugden & Teresa Beltrame
  • TAS - Bronwyn and Ian Johnston
  • ACT - Lucy Davies
  • VIC - position open


Giovanna Lever
NSW Volunteer

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Disclaimer: Although we have a diverse team of healthcare professionals on our committee, the information we provide is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The BGK will not offer medical advice nor suggest treatment options or referrals to particular healthcare professionals. Whilst the medical professionals provide all the complex medical and surgical advice, the BGK provides the strategies and support to assist in improving the quality of life for young people living with a congenital bowel disorder.

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